St. Mary offers an outstanding academic and co-curricular program committed to Catholic education. Our 

Catholic Graduate Expectations (CGE) extend beyond grades and academic achievement, and foster a search for knowledge as a lifelong learner. The expectations of St. Mary graduates are described not only in terms of knowledge and skills, but also values, attitudes and actions.

Ontario Student Records and Ontario Student Transcripts are standardized methods to track and document students' academic progress. You can learn how to access these documents, if required, and also view our school's Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) results in literacy and math compared to the province's averages.

To fulfill our mandate in providing the best educational experience for all students in their transition to apprenticeship training, college, community living, university, or the workplace, St. Mary offers specialized programs for groups of students with a particular curriculum or career interest. You can read about these programs which include Dual Credit Opportunities, Special Education resources and future Specialist High Skills Majors programs. In addition, there is information on the Board's summer school program for students needing to make up a credit, upgrade a course, or wishing to get a head start on future courses.

At St. Mary, we encourage each student to bring their individual gifts and energies to our school community as we continue to make it the best school that it can be.