Exam requirements vary. Teachers communicate a course's evaluation breakdown to students at the beginning of each course.

For most courses, exams are worth 30% and term work is worth 70% of the total final mark.

Some courses may not require a final exam, and a final project, presentation or essay may be assigned instead. For courses that do not set an exam, the final mark is made up of 70% term work and 30% from a culminating task. Reporting to parents occurs three times each semester using a progress report along with formal mid-term and final report cards.

Writing Exams

Exams are usually scheduled at the end of January and at the end of June. Exam dates are published well in advance.

  • Students are expected to be present for all portions of their summative evaluations, including exams.
  • Family holidays should not be scheduled during exam times.
  • To ensure the integrity of examinations, students are expected to write exams within the designated time schedule.
  • All students must be in full uniform on exam days.
  • A medical note is required if a scheduled exam or mid-term is missed due to illness.

You can refer to each Department's exam requirements for additional information.