Student Council

The role of the Student Council is to:

  • Foster co-operation and understanding within a Catholic setting;
  • Build school spirit;
  • Promote a positive and enjoyable school environment;
  • Encourage student and staff participation in all aspects of school life;
  • Provide an active forum for all students for both academic and social concerns; and
  • Provide a means for students to gain leadership experience.

Student Council accomplishes this by organizing and sponsoring student activities such as spirit weeks, theme days, lunch-time activities and other events. Student Council also represents the student body and their concerns to the staff and administration of St. Mary.

For more information please contact Mrs. Dalton, staff supervisor.

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2016/17 Student Council Members


Noah Butchart

Zack Dillon

Jessica Flintoff

Kamryn Giannandrea

Sinead Gibson

Dawn Hadwen

Charlotte MacNeil

Caitlyn McCurdy

Angela McDonald

Kally McMurray

Finn Postma

Zaki Raheb

Maci Robinson

Connor Vivian

Trent Wells

A.J. Wood